Bringing AR to the world of NFTs.

We connect augmented reality technology to the blockchain.

Unique masks to hide your identity and express your virtual personality.

Join the revolution

Holder Benefits


Use AR NFT filters on your face in online meetings, social media, and streaming


If you are bored with your mask, you have the opportunity to customize your mask to your personal wishes


Access to our desktop app that will provide a seamless cross-platform user experience for using your masks in digital environments


Mask holders have access to virtual carnival conferences and exclusive events


Joining in a tokenization system, and access to a private community space, where you can connect with other mask enthusiasts


Get whitelisted for future mask drops and limited collections


Take part in the augmented reality revolution by bringing AR NFTs to the metaverse

Hide your identity in the virtual space.

The unique and stylish virtual masks are designed for everyday use and self-expression. NFT technology allows us to ensure that only the owner can wear a given mask. Customizing and combining masks are also possible via the forging process.

Our advanced, cross-platform application allows us to use the mask in videocalls as well as stream and share photos and videos all over social media. The application Motions and expressions on the face are captured using a neural network to assure the best possible user experience. We highly respect the importance of privacy, so we don't collect any personal information for authentication.

We believe that in this age we have the right to protect our identity, especially in the virtual space. Therefore, we respect the anonymity of internet users while we recognize the importance of human interactions. Why should we share private information? Why should we stick to encrypted texting in the 21st century? Why should we reveal our faces in video calls to unknown individuals?

Our goal is to protect our identity while expressing our emotions and personality. In order to satisfy this need, we created identity20XY. This is a project where we allow the user to keep their anonymity while being present in the virtual space.

The minds behind 20XY

Norbert Simon

Norbert Simon is the originator of the Identity 20XY project and lead designer of the augmented reality face masks. His portrait-, fashion-, and creative photo collections have been featured in exhibitions all over the world in prominent art galleries like the Paris Louvre, New York's Times Square, and Miami, as well as often being featured in magazines like PhotoVogue, Dark Beauty, and Elegant. He has been working with 3D art since 2016 and started his first virtual reality company in 2017. He now teaches computer science and robotics to children within the framework of his current company.

Tamás Imets

Tamás Imets, CEO of Minyma Technologies, has been passionate about tech development since early childhood. He developed a brain-computer interface tool at the age of 15 and won various international science fairs. He dropped out of a graduate program to pursue his ambition of creating blockchain and ML-based tools that may have real use cases for people and can be beneficial to society overall. To quote his humble self: "I just like to build stuff that works!"


2022 June

Mask designs completed

5000 unique artworks, designed by hand with different styles that suit everyone.

2022 July

Mask-to-face application

Access to a free, user-friendly application to use the AR mask on all video call- and streaming platforms, as well as social media.

2022 September

Initial drop

The whitelist sale begins on the 5th of September. The public sale takes place on the 12th of September with a 72h duration.

2022 September

Private Community Space

By owning a mask, the user will access a private community space, developed in collaboration with Galaxis. Users will have the opportunity to chat, stream, hangout, and connect with other 20XY enthusiasts.

2022 October


Mask owners will be able to merge their masks in order to customize their look and increase their rarity.

2022 October

Exclusive Virtual Carneval

Participants can attend anonymous networking events, exclusive auctions, raffles, and secret productions at the private 20XY conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get whitelisted?

There are multiple ways of becoming whitelisted for detailed information join to our Discord channel.

Which chain do we use?

20XY runs on the Ethereum chain. On multiple orders, the minting price is reduced for the user thanks to ERC721A.

What will the funds be used for?

Minyma Technologies is involved in many data science and deep learning projects. The funds will go to AI and deep learning research. Besides, 20XY will become its own virtual brand in the age of the metaverse.

How can I use the mask?

You can seamlessly use the masks on all video call- and streaming platforms and social media after downloading our cross-platform application.

Why NFT?

Non-fungibility introduces digital ownership to AR assets. Due to the advantages of blockchain, this ensures that only the owner can wear the mask while not requiring any private information.

How many whitelist spots are there?

There are 2022 whitelist spots available.

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