Own your online identity.

Identity 20XY connects the blockchain with augmented reality, allowing you to create an online identity that’s uniquely yours.

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NFTs in everyday life

Stay hidden while displaying your personality through unique Augmented Reality artworks. Wear your NFT face filter in video calls and online meetings.

Your identity in the virtual space

Find the mask that suits you best and connect with your user base on streaming and video platforms while protecting your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get whitelisted?

Be an active member of the community, participate in Twitter spaces and share the project with your friends.

How many whitelist spots are there?

There are 2500 whitelist spots in total.

How many NFTs can I mint per wallet?

You can mint 4 if you are whitelisted, otherwise 2.

What will be the total supply?

The total supply will be 10,000.

How soon after minting can I use the AR NFT filter?

Right away in the photo booth, though a multiplatform desktop app will be released as soon as possible.

What will the funds be used for?

To create a tokenization ecosystem around the NFT, hire more full-time engineers and designers.

How are the NFTs randomized?

They are generated beforehand and we use Chainlink VRF to randomize the IDs between the owners.

When will the NFTs be revealed?

The NFTs will be revealed one week after the sale.

When will the sale take place?

Depends on the community growth.

What will the minting price be?

To be announced.

Holder Benefits

Access the photo booth and your owned face masks in the AR viewer

Use the AR filter on your face in meetings, social media and streaming

Access to future customization passes to upload your AR NFT design

Access to future airdrops

Access to our desktop app that will provide a seamless user experience for using your masks in digital environments.

Be part of our tokenization ecosystem


As the idea of the metaverse emerges, it’s time to connect augmented reality to the blockchain. Digital ownership of objects with real use cases will be a centerpiece of the virtual world.

NFT projects often struggle to find real use cases, and it seems like the art by itself doesn’t suffice in every case. However, the space is evolving and we might just be at the forefront.
2022 Q2

Initial drop

Whitelisted addresses will have a 72 hour window for minting before public mint.

2022 Q2

OBS and Website Viewer

Owned masks will be available for use in OBS and on the Identity 20XY website.

2022 Q3

Companion app

Alpha and Beta testers will be able to use it by the end of Q2.

2022 Q3


Holders will be able to merge their masks in order to customize their look and increase their rarity.

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